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Caller ID Manager

Price: $59.97

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Screen Machine
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Finally, a solution that truly ends all interruptions caused by telemarketing!The Screen Machine will eliminate telemarketing calls from your life before your phone even rings, so you won't have to interrupt your quiet time to check Caller ID or answer the phone. The Screen Machine screens out unwanted calls -- silently, in the background -- while allowing wanted calls to ring through to your phone.

How It Works

The Screen Machine intercepts calls coming in to your telephone line. It plays a brief recorded message that tells callers you do not accept solicitations and instructs marketers to remove your name from their lists. The message then invites wanted callers to press the “5” button on their telephone ... and it is not until this time that your phone rings. In less than 15 seconds, telemarketers are gone!

Once your friends and family have heard the message, they'll know they don't have to listen to it in the future; they can just press ‘5’ as soon as the Screen Machine begins and their call will go through without delay -- you can even tell them in advance, if you wish. Use the pre-recorded message or record one in your own voice. The user guide provides several sample message scripts, or you can make up your own.

Screen Machine eliminates both computer-generated and voice-based telemarketing calls. It is compatible with answering machines and Caller ID, and does not interfere in any way with your normal use of your phone. Unlike services available from local telephone companies, Screen Machine requires no ongoing monthly fee.

Screen Machine offers distinctive ring options, making it perfect for managing and routing your family's calls, or even calls to a small or home-based business. If you have teenagers at home, your message can instruct your kids’ callers to press one number, and your own callers to press another. When calls come through, the phone will ring differently -- two short rings or one long ring, for example -- according to the number pressed. So if the children are not at home and a call comes in for them, you can simply allow the call to go to the answering machine, rather than answering it yourself.

Advance consumer testers have reported that sales calls ceased immediately after connecting their Screen Machine ... and many of their friends and family members have become Screen Machine customers after seeing how the product works!

Quick & Easy to Install

Your Screen Machine connects to your phone line very much like an answering machine: Plug its phone cord into your telephone wall jack and connect your telephone into the ScreenMachine. Connect the power supply cord and the Screen Machine is ready to screen out telemarketers.

The Screen Machine has an on/off switch, so you can set it to function full time or to intercept calls only at certain times: at dinner time, when you have guests, or at the children's bedtime, for example.

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