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Caller ID Manager

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Private TIME PT1000
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How many unwanted calls do you get every day from telemarketers, wrong numbers, blocked calls and unidentified callers? Too many. Now there’s a way to stop these unwanted callers from disturbing you: Private TIME from Command Communications.

Private TIME is a high-quality telephone/speakerphone and digital answering machine with an important difference: A unique Private TIME button, that when activated, allows only callers with code to ring through. Telemarketers are commanded to hang up, while others are able to leave messages on its built-in answering machine, even without your Ring-Through Code.

PRIVACY MODE - PrivateTIME feature is ON:

  • Outgoing message #2 commands telemarketers to hang up without ever ringing your phones (example only, user must record):

    If you know the Ring-Through Code, please enter the number now, otherwise, leave a message at the tone – TELEMARKETERS, PERMANENTLY REMOVE THIS NUMBER FROM YOUR LIST AND IMMEDIATELY HANG UP! ”
  • Simply give your code to people you want to get calls from - all other calls are automatically sent to its built-in answering machine
  • No phones in your home will ring unless callers enter your code
  • Ring-Through Code is programmable (1- 4 digits)
  • Bright red Private TIME button lights
  • MANUAL – Private TIME feature will stay on until you turn it off
  • HOUR TIMER – Sets duration for one hour – lets you enjoy your PrivateTIME while eating dinner, watching a movie, reading a book or during your baby’s nap
NORMAL MODE – Private TIME feature is OFF:
  • Outgoing message #1 is your normal message: (example only, user must record): “We are not available, please leave a message."
  • Operates as a regular phone and answering machine
  • All phones in your home ring normally
  • Unanswered calls go to answering machine after two, four or seven rings (programmable
  • Digital answering machine holds up to 16 minutes of messages
  • No tapes or moving parts to break
  • Voice time/day stamp for each incoming message
  • Two-way recording allows you to record both sides of a conversation
  • Answers after two, four or seven rings
  • Remote operation from any touch-tone phone
  • Memory backup saves messages in case of power failure when battery (not included) is installed
  • Hands-free operation
  • Volume control
  • OFF-HOOK ALERT – Audible alarm and visual indicator alert you to any extension phone left off hook throughout your home – ideal for homes with children or elderly
  • SPEED DIAL – Three one-touch speed dial buttons for your most frequently called numbers
  • MEMORY DIAL – 12 memory dial numbers
  • REMOTE ROOM MONITOR – Calling from any touch-tone phone while away from your home, you can monitor the room where your Private TIME is located

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