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Caller ID Manager

Price: $99.97

Shipping & Handling
Ground: $10.95
Second Day: $24.50
Next Day: $35.50

Caller ID Manager
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With the Caller ID Manager, you decide who can call you and when...without monthly fees!

Screening options:

  • Block anonymous and unidentified numbers, while allowing all others;

  • Block up to 175 numbers, area codes or prefixes, or;

  • Allow only callers you 'Invite' by name, number, or 'Wildcard' to ring your phone, and handle others as you choose.

With each entry you decide between:

  • Allowing the caller to ring your phone;

  • Sending the caller directly to your VoiceMail or answering device without ringing your phone;

  • Sending the caller directly to any extension without ringing other phones (using the optional Remotes), or;

  • Ignore the caller completely and go unanswered, without ringing the phone.

Add and delete numbers easily by using the call history or your telephone keypad. And, you can change your preferences for each number easily with the clearly labeled buttons on the front of the unit.

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