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Block Unwanted Calls

Block unwanted calls with or without Caller ID.

Caller ID Manager $99.97   Caller ID Manager Remote $29.97

IT'S CALLER ID WITH AN ATTITUDE! Now you can choose who can ring your phone, and when. And, it's VoiceMail compatible!learn more...


ADD A REMOTE EXTENSION FOR EVEN MORE CONTROL! Send calls directly to an extension based on who is calling, without ringing other phones. learn more...



Caller ID Manager Combo Pack $114.97   EZ Hangup $17.49
PURCHASE THE CALLER ID MANAGER WITH REMOTE AND SAVE! learn more...   Position a unit by each telephone and, with the push of a button, announce to unwelcome callers that you do not accept calls from telemarketers. learn more...

TeleZapper    $49.97
TeleZapper II    $49.97
Works in the background every time the phone is answered to systematically eliminate your number from telemarketer's lists. learn more...   The latestest version of the TeleZapper. This battery powered unit is smaller in size with all of the same great features. learn more...

Privacy Call Guardian $79.97   Privacy Call PLUS $99.97
A top-notch call screening device with outgoing message, four private codes, distinctive ringing and outbound call restriction options. learn more...   This enhanced version of the Privacy Call includes automatic fax detection and call forwarding to your cell phone or pager. learn more...

Privacy Call ID Screener $139.97   Privacy Call Receptionist $189.97
Designed for those who subscribe to Caller ID, this model has all the features of the Privacy Call, and includes a Caller ID display. learn more...   All the features of the Privacy Call PLUS, including call forwarding and fax detection. It also includes the cutting-edge features of the Privacy Call ID Screener, including 'Invited' and 'Excluded' call lists. learn more...

Private TIME PT1000    $79.99
Screen Machine    $59.97
A feature-rich telephone / speaker phone, digital answering machine and effective call-screening device wrapped into one. learn more...   The Screen Machine will eliminate telemarketing calls from your life before your phone even rings! learn more...
Phone Butler $49.97    
Attach one of these units to each phone line and press the "*" key when you receive an unwanted call - a distinguished voice broadcasts your intent to not accept telemarketing calls, then terminates the call. learn more...    


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